How we got started

In April 2010, Vinny Mifsud moved out to the Hill Country with his family in Pipe Creek.  After commuting for 6 months to downtown San Antonio, working as a fitness director for Spectrum Athletic Clubs, he noticed that there was a need for a good fitness facility in Bandera County.  He used is 20+ years of experience in the fitness industry to create the strive 24 experience that we have today. And the rest is history. At Strive 24, we strive to provide the very best coaching, equipment and atmosphere to help you succeed and maintain your active lifestyle. With nationally certified personal trainers, to help you and guide you toward reaching your goal. We also have great tools and programs to help you stay focused and motivated on your journey.

Our Team

Vinny Mifsud
Owner / Personal Trainer / Fitness Inst.

Tiffany Mifsud
Owner / Head Stylist


The Blue Bike Project

Vinny has a passion for good health and active lifestyles and he is anxious to share his passion with the community, and as such, he created the Blue Bike initiative. 24 bikes generously donated by local community, painting them blue from the spokes to the handlebars, and placing them around Bandera county sparked curiosity hoping to start the conversation about a healthier and active lifestyle. These bikes symbolize an inexpensive way to exercise, the color blue represents health, and the 24 bikes inspiring a daily goal of the number of minutes one should exercise.